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business-1012761_640Ready2Fly is a career services company. Whether you are looking for service for yourself, your teen or your company we can help.

Career Services: A variety of  career services are available including resume review, resume writing, interview coaching, career and interest inventories.

Military to civilian transitions– It is not easy to hang up the uniform, and often the euphoria of not working leads to boredom about what to do next. Let me help you make that transition, whether it is career planning, resume writing, interests assessments or priority hiring. Most releasing members are able to apply through Veterans Affairs for $1,000 in support for these services.

Education Services– In school today teachers and guidance counsellors have more and more students with social, emotional and educational needs. This can mean that capable students get less attention than those who are struggling, for the most part we can agree that we want the students who need more help to get it. But when it comes to critical years for making decisions about careers, selecting a major or a university/college those high achieving students need guidance and counselling that isn’t always available. Let me help. With 9 years as a learning advisor for Canada’s largest air base, I can help your teen make good choices that puts them on a career path that suits their personality and their interests.